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 photo 2013_05_150111theMIDNIGHTGHOSTTRAIN_2_zps9790d097.jpg
Alright Alright everybody, The Midnight Ghost Train is once again FINALLY complete. Mike Boyne, from Lafyatte, LA (previous member of Red Shield), is now the permanent bass player for TMGT. Thats right everybody permanent, that means no more switching bass players every tour. We were on the search for the best and we found him. Those of you who saw him on our last small two week tour already know what he can do on that stage. The low end has never sounded so good for us. He’s big, he’s mean, he’s bald, and he plays that bass like his life depends on it, and now he’s part of the family. So welcome Mike Boyne, we got a long road ahead of us. He will also be working on writing our new record with us, which is currently in the works. So If your itching to see TMGT rock the house harder than we ever have before, keep an eye out cause we leave for tour in a week, so check out our tour dates on our website for where we are going to be. See you at the show.

Posted by TMGT on Jul 6 2013 @ 12:04PM

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