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We are very proud to announce that on our upcoming U.S. tour we will be playing with a new bass player. Let me introduce you to Luke Crozier, from Rochester, NY. Member of Velvet Elvis (click here to check them out). Luke is ofcourse a bad mutha fucka and we are very happy to have him come with us. He knows our songs, he’s got our style down, and he is ready to rock. You guys are in for a real treat with this guy. No dont worry nothing is wrong with Alfred, he was only filling in as a temporary bass player until we found someone else. Alfred is still our very close friend, and we will be sharing the stage with his band Ostrov on this upcoming tour. Check our website for our upcoming tour dates, on this tour we are coming through, indiana, illinois, Kentucky, mississippi, louisiana, Alabama, Texas, and Oklahoma. So check the website for the Where and When. This tour is only a short run, but we will be coming through your city soon, we have a full U.S. tour coming up In feb. So keep an eye out. See you at the show.

Posted by TMGT on Nov 24 2012 @ 12:34PM

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