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We have finished our new record “BUFFALO”. It is heavy as hell and sounds amazing. We recorded it completely live and ANALOG. Your gonna freak when you hear this record. Definitely our best work yet by far, just you wait and see. We will be selling LP’s (that all come with a full digital download), cds, and digital. The first 500 LP’s are on colored vinyl and they are going quick so hurry up and buy em before they are gone. At the bottom is a link to pre order the record from our label karate body records who is selling it $5 cheaper than we are. But if you want to order it from us you can contact us directly through our website or facebook, or just send the money to our paypal account at The cost from us is $20 for LP and $10 for CD, plus shipping, but if you order both its free shipping. Your gonna love this record, it is the closest you will get to seeing us live on your record player.

Posted by TMGT on Mar 27 2012 @ 4:19PM

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