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TMGT Impersonator

Regarding our last news post, the man who created The Midnight Ghost Train Hate Site is getting dumber. He is now completely trying to steal our identity, and pose as us by contacting venues we are playing at on this current U.S. tour, and telling them things like “gaycore is coming to your venue” And “hope you come to see the first all gay metal band, cant wait to play your club.” So if you are any of these clubs or fans of ours that is being contacted by this guy (midnightghosttrainks) or if you are getting any kind of message that is promoting us being gay in some aspect, or any other kind of message that seems fishy, please report this user, and delete him. He will never ever stop this band from doing what we love, nothing will. Hope to see everyone at our shows this tour.

Posted by TMGT on Jul 20 2011 @ 3:20PM


Lauren Posted Jul 21 2011 @ 12:37PM

I gotta say, it’s kinda funny that someone is going to all of this trouble to hate on such a good band…silly f.cker. Whatever, you guys are awesome! :)

Shannon Posted Jul 20 2011 @ 3:40PM

Gaycore? This is getting better and better…


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