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We are very proud to announce that on our upcoming U.S. tour we will be playing with a new bass player. Let me introduce you to Luke Crozier, from Rochester, NY. Member of Velvet Elvis (click here to check them out). Luke is ofcourse a bad mutha fucka and we are very happy to have him come with us. He knows our songs, he’s got our style down, and he is ready to rock. You guys are in for a real treat with this guy. No dont worry nothing is wrong with Alfred, he was only filling in as a temporary bass player until we found someone else. Alfred is still our very close friend, and we will be sharing the stage with his band Ostrov on this upcoming tour. Check our website for our upcoming tour dates, on this tour we are coming through, indiana, illinois, Kentucky, mississippi, louisiana, Alabama, Texas, and Oklahoma. So check the website for the Where and When. This tour is only a short run, but we will be coming through your city soon, we have a full U.S. tour coming up In feb. So keep an eye out. See you at the show.

Posted by TMGT on Nov 24 2012 @ 12:34PM

Roadburn Festival 2013

Alright everyone we got HUGE news for y’all. We will be playing at The Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland. This is the biggest Heavy/Stoner Rock Festival in the world, and we are unbelievably honored to be apart of this. Thank you to all our fans, without you our success would not be possible. We love you all. Click on this link to learn more. Roadburn

Posted by TMGT on Oct 30 2012 @ 12:52PM


All pre-orders have now been sent. If you havent gotten yours yet you will in the next couple of days. Enjoy the record, and keep an eye out for us. Were coming through your town soon. So if you missed out on the pre-orders you can get the new record at our show, or on our website.

Posted by TMGT on Jul 20 2012 @ 12:36PM

About To Leave For Tour

Hey everyone, We are just a couple days away from leaving for our 2012 summer U.S. tour. This is our record release tour, so our new record BUFFALO, will be available at all of our shows on cd and vinyl. Check out the tour dates on our website to see if we are coming to your city. We have our new bass player Alfred Jordan, from Hattiesburg, MS out with us now and he is big and mean and most importantly he fuckin rocks. You guys are in for a real treat this tour. Keep in touch and see you at the show.
Check our website for tour dates here

Posted by TMGT on Jul 2 2012 @ 1:24PM


Big day for us, our new record ‘BUFFALO” is now in our hands.. It sounds and looks amazing. If you missed your chance to pre-order the record, now is your chance to order it and have it sent to you right now. Just order it from our website or go to our labels website you can order it from either site.
Those of you who have already pre-ordered the CD, they are on there way to you. We still dont have the vinyl in, so if you ordered vinyl it will be another couple weeks. Get your copy NOW, it will blow your mind.

Posted by TMGT on Jun 8 2012 @ 11:46AM


It is very hard for me to write this post and to actually admit this to myself and to the fans of our band, but for undisclosed reasons we have had to let our bass player David Kimmell go. It breaks our heart to see him go, he was not only our bass player but our friend and our brother. But we been telling you guys for years that we aint ever gonna stop, AND WE WONT. So now the search begins. We need a new bass player to fill in for our tour of the U.S. this July and August and for our tour in Europe this October. We demand a lot. Dedication and heart and soul. Do you have that, do you know someone that does. Are you cut out for the road. If you are then email us at we need to find someone now. Like i said we will miss David very much but this band can not and will not let anything slow us down. We need help.

Posted by TMGT on May 31 2012 @ 3:50PM


The first single “Foxhole” off our new record “BUFFALO” (coming soon) is now up on sound cloud and in our music player on our website
check it out.

Posted by TMGT on Apr 18 2012 @ 2:34PM


We have finished our new record “BUFFALO”. It is heavy as hell and sounds amazing. We recorded it completely live and ANALOG. Your gonna freak when you hear this record. Definitely our best work yet by far, just you wait and see. We will be selling LP’s (that all come with a full digital download), cds, and digital. The first 500 LP’s are on colored vinyl and they are going quick so hurry up and buy em before they are gone. At the bottom is a link to pre order the record from our label karate body records who is selling it $5 cheaper than we are. But if you want to order it from us you can contact us directly through our website or facebook, or just send the money to our paypal account at The cost from us is $20 for LP and $10 for CD, plus shipping, but if you order both its free shipping. Your gonna love this record, it is the closest you will get to seeing us live on your record player.

Posted by TMGT on Mar 27 2012 @ 4:19PM


We are taking this next month off from touring to finish up writing and recording our new record entitled “Buffalo”. This is going to be our biggest and best album yet. Were going to be recording it with Dave Barbie, and Kyle Spence at chase park transduction studios in Athens, GA. It is going to be recorded completely analog. Going to sound amazing. You guys are in for a real treat. More info on the release date soon to come.

Posted by TMGT on Jan 14 2012 @ 10:24PM

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