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2011 Winter U.S. Tour

We are leaving today for our 2011 winter U.S. tour. We will be coming through the midwest, the north, the westcoast, and the south. Check out our tour dates to see when and where we are gonna be. We are playing a lot of new material this tour, that no one has heard yet. This is your last chance to see us for a bit, because we are taking most of Jan and Feb off to finish up writing and recording our new record, that will be out April 2012. See you in the crowd.

Posted by TMGT on Nov 9 2011 @ 3:29PM


Due to one of the members of Karma To Burn breaking one of there bones, our tour with them has been canceled and postponed to a later date. We wish him a speedy recovery. To bad, would have been fun.

Posted by TMGT on Oct 4 2011 @ 6:47AM


So if everyone doesnt already know, we are currently in europe right now, kickin ass across the whole continent. We will be in europe until the end of october. Then once we get back from across the pond we will be leaving for 2 months on a U.S. tour. Were having a blast over here. The shows are going amazing, the people been treating us great, its so awesome touring europe. This is our second europe tour but certinally not our last. Keep in touch.

Posted by TMGT on Oct 4 2011 @ 6:43AM

The Imposter Was found

We no longer have problems with the midnight ghost train imposter. We found out who it is, his name is Chuckie Pain, he lives in topeka, ks. Legal actions are now being taken. Thank you to all you dedicated fans that helped us find him.

Posted by TMGT on Aug 23 2011 @ 2:37AM

TMGT Impersonator

Regarding our last news post, the man who created The Midnight Ghost Train Hate Site is getting dumber. He is now completely trying to steal our identity, and pose as us by contacting venues we are playing at on this current U.S. tour, and telling them things like “gaycore is coming to your venue” And “hope you come to see the first all gay metal band, cant wait to play your club.” So if you are any of these clubs or fans of ours that is being contacted by this guy (midnightghosttrainks) or if you are getting any kind of message that is promoting us being gay in some aspect, or any other kind of message that seems fishy, please report this user, and delete him. He will never ever stop this band from doing what we love, nothing will. Hope to see everyone at our shows this tour.

Posted by TMGT on Jul 20 2011 @ 3:20PM

TMGT Hate Site

We now officially have our very own TMGT hate site. We are very honored by whoever created this. Any promotion is good promotion right. Someone hates our band so much that he made a youtube channel with our videos on it, and posted very strange gay comments about us, saying we “have drunken man love”, and “we play in gay clubs all over the world”. And much much more. Check out the site Make sure you read the comments and descriptions of each video, and the bio. Its pretty over the top hilarious.

Posted by TMGT on Jul 17 2011 @ 11:18PM

The Midnight Ghost Train's Very Own HOT SAUCE

securedownload-5 What hot sauce placed in the top 5 of over 150 entries, in the 2010 National Buffalo Wing Festival? Is a family owned and run business? Contains fresh herbs and spices, sea salt, and NO high Fructose corn syrup? Amazing, to eat on virtually anything? And the creators of this sauce Love heavy music, and The Midnight Ghost Train. The answer is ZIMS Hot Sauce. It is the best hot sauce you can get. Now it just got better. Cause we are proud to announce that Zims Hot Sauce, has now created two special Midnight Ghost Train Hot Sauces. Using our designs, their glass bottles, and of course their sauce, Zims has created not only a collectors item, and a great sauce, but a masterpiece for any fan of our band. BUT the only way you can get one is at one of our shows. We wont be selling it on our website. This is a limited edition item, so hurry up, come out to our show, rock out and get some sauce. And for you Europeans, don’t worry, we are saving a couple cases, special for our European Tour this October.
Check out our website at for our upcoming tour dates. Also check out ZIms Hot Sauce website at for more info on the sauce. Hope to see you soon. We will put some fire in your ears, and your mouth.

Posted by TMGT on Jul 15 2011 @ 11:45AM

Summer 2011 Tour

We leave in 5 days for our summer tour, Check out our tour dates, and come out to our show. We got lots of new material we are playing now. So yall are in for a real treat. See you at the show.

Posted by TMGT on Jul 13 2011 @ 12:53PM

Warrensburg Show

We got a show this friday at one of our favorite venues, Neptune (formerly Bottom Feeder Bay) in Warrensburg, MO. Its the band Apehangers CD release party. So it should be a great night. Hope to see some people there.

Posted by TMGT on Jun 9 2011 @ 2:05AM

Music player

Our music player is now up. Its at the top of each page. Enjoy the free tunes.

Posted by TMGT on Jun 5 2011 @ 12:06PM


Welcome to our website. Its finally up and running. We dealt with so many slackers, but finally we found Brandon Miller the guru and ultimate bad ass for websites. Thanks Man. Take a look around the site. A music player will be up in the next few days where you can here several songs. Also subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you up to date. Thank you everyone who helped make this website possible. Keep an eye on our tour dates, we will be out there soon. But right now we are working on writing our new record. Just wait till y’all hear what we are cookin up for this new album.

Posted by TMGT on Jun 3 2011 @ 8:42PM

New Website in Progress

We’re working on a new site, expect it in early June!

Posted by Steve on May 4 2011 @ 8:09PM

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